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Water Softeners

BUYERS BEWARE: If a water company is not willing to quote you a price over the phone, BEWARE. They are trying anything they can to get a sales person to your home because a talented sales person will be able to get the price up and make more money for the company. These sales people earn high commissions which are added to the price of the equipment you are purchasing. In an effort to keep our prices the most competitive in the industry American Home Water pays no sales commissions and we do very little marketing which can cause the prices to double or triple for the same quality equipment. We proudly display our prices so potential customers can easily compare them to the competition. After you answer a few simple questions we can give you a firm price over the phone. While most water softener companies use subcontractors for their installations, we at American Home water use our own professional and well trained installation crews. We do 40 to 70 installations a week.

Water softeners can reduce your soap usage by 70%, help reduce irritation to your skin, make your dishes super clean, and because they eliminate calcium scale buildup, they make your home much easier and less time consuming to keep clean. When purchased at a fair price, a water softener is a great investment and will actually pay for it self many times over. Why? For a normal family, up to 25% of the grocery bill is spent on cleaning products. With a water softener there is a reduced cost for cleaning supplies, higher efficiency from your water heater and an extended life expectancy from appliances, faucets, shower heads and clothes. This adds up to thousands of dollars that can be saved by using soft water, plus it adds to a better quality of life for you and your family. If you are considering a water softener or RO check out the helpful information links on the right side of our home page. Once reviewing the short links you will become a very knowledgeable buyer. Please also check out our PRICES page.

We have many different systems available and we can provide fast reliable installation. A very popular water softener is the The PATRIOT water system that we provide to a number of custom home builders in the Phoenix area. Home builders have buyers who look very closely at what they are purchasing, and this is the system that they have all chosen. This is as good a water system as you can buy, as it is designed with all the highest quality components which makes this unit maintenance free. The system uses the Fleck 5600 Economider head and has the highest quality resin available. We are so confident in the quality of this system that we back it up with a five-year parts and labor warranty. We have designed this system to have a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years.

5600 Meter Deluxe The PATRIOT


5600 Meter Deluxe The PRO HEALTH

All in One All in One

Dual Media Tank System Dual Media Tank System

Whole House No Salt or Potassium System Whole House No Salt or Potassium System

Why it is important to buy from a local company
Because the water is two to three times harder in Arizona than in other part of the country it is very important to buy water conditioning equipment that is made in Arizona and designed for the harsh water environment found in the desert. Water systems sold nationally will not last here because the resin in units like GE, Kenmore, or Whirlpool are designed for moderately hard water and not the extremely hard water found in the desert. Many customers have ordered systems over the Internet and when they arrive found that the water softener is not assembled. These systems are made with inferior parts and are not bedded properly to protect the distributor tube from rupturing if the resin fails. This can result in the resin flooding into every faucet in the house causing hundreds of dollars in repair costs. Water softeners should be assembled in a controlled environment and bedded properly with Quartz and Silica to help protect the distributor tube from damage should the resin fail.

No Salt Option
Customers that do not want to add sodium to their water, but still want the benefits of soft water, have the option of using potassium; a salt substitute. At American Home Water. we recommend salt because of the cost advantage and the fact that water softeners only add about 20% more sodium to the water than is already in the water before it goes into the softener. Also you get far more sodium from other sources and sodium is only harmful if you are on a low sodium diet in which case you can only drink bottled or RO water. Check out our page on whether soft water is safe to drink.

No Salt Water Softeners and magnets
Many companies on the Internet and elsewhere advertise no salt softeners. These companies are misleading their customers into thinking that their systems will remove calcium from the water and produce soft water. Any consumer who is considering one of these units should do research by independent sources. These units are never sold by reputable companies in the water industry. If you measure the water hardness with a hardness test kit you will find that the hardness level is the same as before the units. These companies cannot provide any independent analysis that will verify that these units provide soft water and they can not get the Water Quality Associations to approve their units. They are similar to the companies that sell magnets that are suppost to give better gas mileage, but have never worked. We have replaced many of these units with real Softeners after customers have spent thousands of dollars only to find out they do not soften the water. They generally make the water taste better, but do nothing to remove the calcium from the water which is what causes all the problems associated with hard water, especially in Arizona. The only cost effective way to remove calcium from water is the ion exchange method employed by conventional water softeners. Salespeople love the thought of being able to provide soft water without using salt because it would be a great sales benefit to offer soft water without having to add salt to the unit. Unfortunately to this point it is an impossible dream. Check out this LINK that explains the difference.

Do It Yourself Kits
American Home Water provides kits for our Do It Yourself clients. We provide free delivery and instruction by installers and a courtesy return call to explain and set up the water softener after the installation is complete if necessary. If you are handy and can do basic plumbing you can save hundreds of dollars with our help and have a top quality water softener. The labor warranties on the water softener still apply to the system operation.

Refurbished Water Softeners
American Home Water in an effort to be environmentally aware can provide refurbished or rebuilt water softeners to clients with limited budgets. These units are rebeded with the same high quality resin used in the Patriot and President. All moving parts are replaced with new components. The refurbished Patriot has a 5 year parts and labor extended warranty and the refurbished President has a 10 year parts and labor extended warranty. The refurbished President does not come with a chrome skin. They have been reconditioned to as close to new as possible and will produce the same water as new units and should last almost as long. Because of the high quality resin and other components used in these units American Home Water has a great deal of confidence in these units and we back them up with the same free extended warranty we put on the new units. So if there is a problem, it is our problem and not our customers.

Why Are Water Softener Prices So Different?
A lot of customers ask why is there such a difference in the price of a water filtration system. The answer is that the equipment cost almost the same on the wholesale level, but on the retail level many companies do a lot of expensive marketing and pay high sales commissions which is then added to the price of the system driving the prices out of site. The other reason is that most of these marketing companies sell very few systems and have to make their profits on only a few customers. American Home Water installs 40 to 70 systems a week and our profits are spread over more customers. The price has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of the equipment you are purchasing. In fact some marketing companies seek out equipment that they can get exclusivity on so competitors will not be able to match it. This is usually equipment that is not well tested and without a history of reliability. American Home Water only recommends equipment with a long history of reliability that we feel comfortable backing up with a long labor warranty. At American home Water we pay no sales commissions and do very little marketing and pass the savings on to our customers. Most of our sales come from referrals from our 40 thousand customers and the leads generated by our website which are handled by the owners Tom Atkinson and Tom Knapp.

Why It Is Important To Have A Site Survey Done By A Installer Rather Than a Salesman.
Many times we have found out that a salesman from a different water softening company has told a homeowner that it is necessary to install the water softener outside, or in a inconvenient location. Then, we check out the layout of the home and find that it is feasible, and in many cases cost less money, to install the system inside or in a more convenient location. Also, a salesman is normally paid by commission and may not always have the customer's best interest in mind. Commissions must be added to the cost of the water system thus raising the price by hundreds of dollars. At American Home Water we do not pay sales commissions and our site surveys are done by the owners Tom Atkinson or Tom Knapp who have literally installed thousands of water softeners, and have the customer's best interest as the highest priority.

Does a Water softener harm the environment?
We are often asked if a water softener harms the environment. The overall environmental impact is actually very positive. Although water softeners use salt to function they are beneficial because they help households save energy and substantially reduce the amount of detergent and chemicals required for cleaning. It's a bit of a trade off, but cleaning products are much more harmful to the environment than the salt consumed by a water softener. Potassium can be used to even further reduce the environmental impact. It's important to note that most of the negative information being promoted is by private companies who claim to have "salt free" products which in fact do not come close to the performance of a water softener. People who purchase products from these companies are gravely disappointed by the fact that calcium deposits still build up on their faucets and their soap and detergent usage is not reduced.

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