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Customer Testimonials, Reviews and Ratings on American Home Water

     Below are actual customer testimonials, reviews and ratings on American Home Water products, services and installations in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. The water system shown in bold is what was sold and installed. With more than 40,000 home water systems installed locally, it's hard for us to list them all but these are typical of most all American Home Water customers. We hope this shows how much we value our customers and look forward to having you as a valued customer.

Water Heater:

     "I just wanted to say Thank You for doing such a professional job replacing my Water Heater. Your Technician named Angel was so excellent at doing this job. I just could not say enough good things about him. I will know who to recommend my friends and neighbors to if they need their Water Heaters replaced, you are the best. Thank You, James S.! " (James S. - Buckeye, AZ)

Custom Installation:

     "You have ALREADY installed! Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the install team (professional job plus did it quickly!); the cost...exactly what you said...not added fees; and how well it is all working! You can use me for a referral any day. You guys are VERY PROFESSIONAL! Rare these days to find such a great company. " (Ed O. - Sun City West, AZ)

Water Softener System:

      "Excellent all the way around! Use this business with confidence. New water softener system installed in my home." (Laura T. - Laveen, AZ)

Water Softener, RO System, and Chlorine Filter:

      "Tom was very knowledgeable and was a low-pressure salesman. His partner (also Tom) led the installation crew. Their price was good for a system with a 10-year warranty. The system appears to be working great -- the soft water feels dramatically different. The reverse osmosis system is also wonderful -- the water tastes as good as the Arrowhead water I had been getting and will pay for itself in a couple of years. I would definitely use them again." (Randy W. - Scottsdale, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System, Custom Installation:

      "AHW installed a water softener and RO system in my home. While the home was pre-plumbed, the water softener was originally planned for the garage. I asked that it be relocated outside and there was considerable piping and electrical work needed to do this. Further, I wanted the piping concealed... so the install was complicated. AHW installed the water softener and piping, as well as the RO system in the kitchen. Installation was done very well and to my satisfaction. I have called Tom a few times to help me with water softener operation and adjustment. He has been very prompt in response and helping me with this. Great customer service. Very happy. Would recommend these guys." (Brian M. - Gilbert, AZ)

Water Softener, RO System, and Hot Water Recirculation Pump:

      "I first had American Home Water evaluate the reverse osmosis system in the home I had just purchased last winter. They recommended replacing it as it was an outdated and poor quality system. They also put in a hot water recirculating pump for me. They advised that the soft water system was working fine and did not need service or replacement. Having put in a computerized soft water system at my other home, I had American put one in here. They have less expensive systems, but I just wanted the best. I've been completely happy with this company and their employees and would recommend them. I plan to continue to have them service my reverse osmosis and soft water systems." (Delena M. - Scottsdale, AZ)

Hot Water Heater:

      "I was very very pleased with them. The reason I was so impressed with them was that they gave me an estimate over the phone that included the cost and the model number of the hot water tank. I got the Angie's List discount although it was the last day. A company that was highly rated on Angie's List gave an estimate that was $200 more for the exact same model. Another company I called refused to give any kind of estimate over the phone. They said they would come to our house with all their equipment and then give us the estimate and we could tell them to go ahead or go away. I could not believe that. I thought that was really outrageous. American Home Water's service was absolutely superb. The price was hundreds of dollars less than anybody else and we checked with other listed companies on Angie's List. He was the nicest person. He came on time. It was such an easy transaction that I can't say enough good things about it. Their price was better than anybody else. It was one of the best experiences I have had lately. The company was outstanding." (Jutta B. - Litchfield Park, AZ)

Water Softener, RO System, and Whole House Chlorine Filter:

      "Excellent experience. We got a high-end refurbished President water softener, a new R/O system, a new connection from R/O to the refrigerator, and a "Big Blue" whole house chlorine filter. For $1300 less than another Angie's List provider was going to charge us. And they hauled away the old stuff for free. And they did the initial estimate for free. Other provider charged $70 just to show up and estimate. Needless to say we are very pleased and the water is fabulous." (Lech P. - Peoria, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System:

      "We got an estimate from another company that was almost three times the cost, and the sales presentation was also much longer! I called American Home Water, and they came out the next day, gave me an estimate in 10 minutes, and came out the following day to install. They explained everything, said they would come out if I had any additional questions, and moved back and cleaned up everything necessary. Everything was installed within an hour and a half." (Nina R. - Phoenix, AZ)

Water Softener System:

      "I called Friday afternoon, and my call was returned promptly, with an appointment for the next morning. They called us ahead, arrived on schedule, analyzed situation, and gave us the pros and cons of various alternatives. We made our choice, and the water softening system was scheduled for installation a few hours later. They arrived on time, quick and efficient installation, cleaned up, ran thru the little we would have to do in terms of maintenance/operation. They even installed, unasked, a faucet by the unit so softened water could be run thru a hose for car washing, etc. Very pleased with this experience -- a big difference from what we have encountered trying to deal with other areas of renovation." (Nancy F. - Tempe, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System:

      "We built a new Toll Brothers home and had AHW install the water softener and RO drinking water system at a much better price than the builder charged to supply. I have used AHW for a few years at my former Scottsdale home for RO service, repair, and replacement, and have found them to be far better in every respect to my former service people. These guys are real pros and an excellent source of advice and counsel on anything having to do with any home water or hot water device." (Stephen M. - Cave Creek, AZ)

Water Softener, RO System, and Whole House Water Filter:

      "I did A LOT of homework/research to find a good water softening solution for our new house. I really wanted to find out which no-salt systems worked/worked best. After several weeks of looking, I had definitely eliminated the magnetic or electric water "conditioners," but was still debating the citrus and "nano-particle" systems. Despite all of the promises of improving your water and reducing calcium deposits, not a single alternative solution EVER promised to reduce the hardness of the water or could show any clinical results. I even agreed to a cold-call visit from one of those hard-sell guys that hawk the house sales lists. I used this as just another data point, but seriously folks, these high-pressure guys are the worst kind of salesmen out there. He insisted on running through his whole script on how important soft water was even though I told him time and again that I had already self-educated on that. I think it's part of the beating down process. I was somewhat interested in his high-end offering. "Only" $5600 for both softener & RO. Great. Ah, but it comes with "$5000" worth of cleaning products IF you buy on the spot, so it's practically free, right? I never "buy on the spot," so suddenly the price became negotiable as I moved him toward the door and let him know I'd be looking at other quotes despite him lowering the price by a couple thousand dollars (amazing!). The salesman was SO confident of his product's superior value that he never once called me back to see if I was interested (hmmm, what does THAT tell you?). Don't fall for high-pressure sales pitches, folks -- "on the spot" deals are only offered because they can't afford for you to check out anyone else's offers/information.

      Finally I got smart and checked Angie's List. After checking out a few folks, I checked out the American Home Water reviews and their own website. Great reviews and their website was extremely straightforward/honest. The "tone" of the site really reminded me of my Dad and the 35 years that he has provided an honest business. This is a quality small business with simple, quality products. Tom didn't try to push anything on me, but I did upgrade to their higher model (The President), mainly because I like the efficiency of the up flow-brining. You won't find their softeners at Home Depot or anywhere. They apparently custom order the high quality parts they need direct from the factory and build their own systems. They estimate their systems will last 20-30 years. That's TBD, of course, but I can see getting close. They definitely seem to be much better built than anything I've seen at Lowe's and Home Depot. Because our house was already pre-plumbed with the by-pass loop, drain & power outlet it was a little cheaper and easier than if they had to take care of that themselves. They sent two guys to set it up and in about 1.5 hours both the softener and RO system were fully installed.

      It has been 1.5 months since installation with a full month of usage (family of 4). No problems at all. Still have plenty of salt in the tank from the original two bags they put in, so it obviously hasn't had to regenerate itself too much (wasting water in the process). Very happy and highly recommend. Oh, my parents had to replace their broken water softener a couple months before I went through this. They opted for the no-salt citrus option (H2O-something). After a few months now they have realized it isn't doing much for them and they are looking for a replacement. Fortunately their plumber gave them some kind of replacement guarantee, but unfortunately I doubt that they'll be able to get AHW equipment, so they would probably end up with a cheapo water softener instead." (Brian E. - Litchfield Park, AZ)

Water Softener System:

      "Responsive and professional. They quickly installed the water softener and even went over and above with new water valves in the front of the house. They did the whole thing -- loop and all -- after surveying my garage to see how best to go at it. I am glad I called them and highly recommend their services." (Robert M. - Glendale, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System:

      "I called for an estimate that morning on an RO system for drinking water and a whole house water softener and spoke to one of the co-owners. He said he would come out and look at my house and give me a written estimate. The estimate was agreeable and he had a crew there that afternoon. Was especially impressed by the fact that one of the owners was on site for the entire installation, but he did all the RO system work himself. They explained the system to me and answered all my questions. All in all, I was very pleased, and would recommend the company to others." (Jo-Hanna K. - Phoenix, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System Replacement:

      "I called around 1:00 PM on a Saturday to get an estimate. They told me exactly what the cost would be. I asked if they installed on Saturdays and how to schedule. The person said they could install at 3:00 PM that day. They were on time, very professional, and very knowledgeable. They replaced the water softener and R/O system in a little over 1 hour. I am extremely happy and everything works great! The cost was half of what was estimated by another company. I definitely will recommend this company." (CJ H. - Tempe, AZ)

Electric Hot Water Heater:

      "What a great experience. I'm completely satisfied. They did a lot of extra work taking out the old leaking hot water heater and rotten platform and installing an easy-off instant red lever -- and not a penny off the estimate. The whole project was thoughtfully and expertly done. I highly recommend this company." (Diane W. - Sun City West, AZ)

Hot Water Heater and Fleck Water Softener:

     "I had a GE hot water heater and new Fleck water softener installed in my home. Tom with American Home Water did an excellent job and explained the workings of both units to me and my wife. I would use them again for any drinking water or soft water needs. My old existing Hot Water Heater was leaking at the base and they were very prompt in getting to my home and replacing the old water heater so that we were in working order almost immediately and an emergency situation was averted." (Glen G. - Scottsdale, AZ)

Electric Hot Water Heater:

      "Our electric hot water heater started leaking today so we called American Home Water because they had done our water softener. We were given a price of $499 plus tax installed for a 50-gallon Bradford White with 6-year warranty. They gave us the price over the phone and were at our house in less than 2 hours. Great Job and price. Kudos to American Home Water." (Nicole H. - Peoria, AZ)

Water Softener System with Service Loop:

      "AHW installed a new water softener including the necessary plumbing for a first-time installation. It went very well. We did not have a service loop or even know where to put a water softener. AHW told me they had only needed 14-inches of space. I found an excellent spot inside a garage cabinet on the other side of the exterior water supply entrance to the house. They were very professional, prompt, and even fixed an unrelated plumbing issue at the supply line entrance for no extra charge. The overall installation has a high quality look. AHW was also very available and would always answer the phone directly. No answering machines or answering service." (Robert M. - Glendale, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System:

      "What a quality company. I ordered a water softener and R.O. unit. They came out the following day, had everything with them, and did an expert installation. They explained everything totally. I can't say enough... in this day of sloppy workmanship, American Home Water had their act together. Quality from the first phone call through to the installation." (Mark L. - Paradise Valley, AZ)

Water Softener and RO System:

      "What a great company! I saw on their website that they take calls on Sunday, so I tried and it is true. A very helpful, real person answered the phone and answered all my questions. I had a home water system and reverse osmosis system installed on Monday morning. I have never been this pleased with a buying experience. Kudos and thank you to American Home Water!" (Stewart R. - Phoenix, AZ)

Water Softener System:

      "We got an estimate on a home water softener and had it installed the next day! Wow! They showed up on time and did exactly what they said they were going to do. Everything works beautifully and there were no issues with anything. What a relief! It was nice to have something go so smoothly for once. Thanks for the excellent job and the wonderful water!" (Coleen D. - Gilbert, AZ)

Water Softener Systems (2):

      "I have purchased two water softener systems from American Home Water. One about 12 years ago and one recently for my new home. I would not hesitate to by another water softener system from Tom and Tom. The water softeners have worked flawlessly and I have been very impressed with the professionalism of American Home Water. They notify me when I need my filters changed on my RO system and their pricing is very fair. It is a pleasure to report on their blog about a company I am so satisfied with." (Mary - Phoenix, AZ)

Water Softener System:

     "I called numerous companies about water softeners. Your company (both Toms) answered my questions without hesitation, gave me prices over the phone, and no B.S. I, and I think most customers, just want honesty and people that will tell it to them straight with nothing to hide, and that's your company. I have already recommended your company to several friends and co-workers. Also, the guys were very fast and professional with the installation of the water softener system. I asked a lot of questions during the installation, and also inquired about an RO system and a new hot water heater. I got the answers and just the facts with no sales pitch and no pressure. That's my kind of company. If and when I need a hot water heater and RO system, I will definitely call American Home Water. Thanks for being an honest, straight-talking company." (Chris - Maricopa, AZ)

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"Excellent all the way around! Use this business with confidence. New water softener system installed in my home." Laura T. - Laveen, AZ