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Meet Tom Atkinson

Co-Founder of American Home Water

Tom Atkinson      Tom Atkinson is a business owner who is committed to integrity, high quality service and superior water conditioning systems. As Co-founder of American Home Water, whether installing or giving information about walter filtration or water heaters, you can count on Tom to provide the finest water systems and the best customer service in the Phoenix, Arizona area.
     Tom started his career as a union Welder/Plumber, working at a Westinghouse maufacturing plant in upstate New York. Receiving two undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Corning College, Tom soon began working for Sunmaster Corporation, a solar energy company in Corning NY, where he focused his attention on evacuated tube technology for high temperature solar applications produced by Owens/Corning. As supervisor of the innovative installations at a number of Department of Energy demonstration projects, Tom supervised the installation at the Frenchman's Reef Holiday Inn on the Island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. At that time it was the largest solar air conditioning installation in the world, and Tom was responsible for communications with scientists and engineers from the Marshal Space Flight Center and Argonne National laboratory. Ultimately, Tom worked his way up to Plant Manager maintaining responsibility for production as well as for the purchasing and quality control departments. At that time, Tom was twenty seven years old and responsible for architects and engineers more than twice his age.
     During his years at Sunmaster, Tom gained the knowledge necessary to operate and promote a small business. He also developed a desire to start a small business of his own and was able to accumulate the necessary resources for such an endeavor. With the knowledge and resources necessary to start a small business, Tom began looking into various opportunities. Tom and his wife Jody also had a strong desire to move to an area of the country with a better economy and better weather. They were young and intent on starting a family and thought a better economy and warmer climate would be a more desirable situation in which to raise their kids.
     When Tom's childhood friend Tom Knapp invited Tom and his wife for a visit to Arizona, Tom discovered that he liked everything about the warm climate and booming economy along with the lifestyle of Arizona living. He soon moved to Arizona where he and his friend started a solar energy company. Obtaining a plumbing contractor's license, he was led to solar water heating as well as water softening and filtration systems. His most notable solar installation in Arizona was an 800 square foot solar array at Barry Goldwater's home.
     By 1980 Tom began installing solar water heaters and pool heaters along with water softeners, but the solar industry faltered by the mid 80's and solar tax credits came to an abrupt end. It was right around that time that water in Arizona was getting very bad and Reverse Osmosis technology was becoming viable for installation in residential homes. In fact, people moving to Arizona were shocked to discover how destructive the water was to plumbing fixtures and glass shower doors. Having a major interest in water filtration installation, Tom found the challenge exciting, especially since it gave him an opportunity to work on more technical applications rather then only general plumbing.
     As the Co-founder of American Home Water, initially, Tom's business was built around sub-contracting installation work for builders and remodelers, but Tom also focused subcontracting installations for on other water companies such as Culligan and Kinnetico. Over the past twenty years, Tom's company has literally installed over 1,000 Kinnetico (locally Maricopa Water) and Culligan units as well as proudly installing 40,000 systems in both residential and commercial environments. Tom has seen many companies come and go in Phoenix. Yet, based on his company's reputation American Home Water has continued to flourish, due largely to Tom's knowledge and expertise regarding water filtration systems in Arizona. Conveying knowledge, trust and confidence to his customers, Tom does not believe in hard selling, but instead believes in helping people make intelligent and informed purchases.
     Quoting Tom: "People are looking for a good price but they don't always understand why prices range from $50 to over $5000. When working with our company, we explain the differences to each person so that no one is left in the dark. Visitors to our website quickly learn that we always have our customer's best interests at heart. Along with our years of experience here in Phoenix, we make sure to steer our customers in the right direction, and always help them make wise and practical decisions."
     In addition to running American Home Water, Tom and his wife of 35 years, Jody, enjoy traveling, ballroom dancing, riding horses and attending local sporting events. They take great pride in their two children Mathew and Diane who both have degrees from ASU. His oldest son Matt has a MBA from the W. P. Carey School of business at ASU. Matt works on this web site as well as being a Senior Account Executive at Discover Card. Diane has recently graduated from the University of New England as a physician's assistant. Diane is working for Elliot Hospital, a 296-bed acute care facility located in Manchester, New Hampshire. She is working as a physician assistant in the emergency room. Tom is available for consultations and can be reached by contacting him at ameicanhomewater@gmail.com or by phone at 602-377-4761.

Tom with wife Jody and children Matt and Diane

Tom with Matt and Diane leaving Miami

Tom and Diane after the Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl
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