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Water Softeners

All in One Dual Media Tank System

Water softeners reduce your soap usage by 70%, help lower irritation to your skin, make your dishes super clean, and make your home much easier and less time consuming to keep clean because they eliminate calcium scale buildup. When purchased at a fair price, they will actually pay for themselves many times over through reduced cost for cleaning supplies and higher efficiency from your water heater. For a normal family, up to 25% of the grocery bill is spent on cleaning products. This adds up to many thousands of dollars that can be saved by using soft water in addition to the better quality of life for you and your family. Read more

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis System Reverse Osmosis System Reverse Osmosis Systems provide bottled quality water at your kitchen sink and a refrigerator icemaker and water dispenser. RO systems actually make water that is so pure you can see through an ice cube end to end along the edges. RO systems require an annual filter change and checkup to insure a long service life. This cost $80.00 for a four stage RO and $94.00 for a five stage. These systems cost between $169.00 and $299.00 installed but require an extra charge for icemaker hookup, faucets other than chrome, designer faucets and to drill granite countertops. Read more

Water Systems >> Water Filtration

American Home Water Filtration Systems - 002 American Home Water Filtration Systems - 052 Water Systems - Our water system setup is a whole house drinking water plus water softening system. Read more!

Water Filtration - American Home Water offers a no-salt system available for installation. This system eliminates the need for salt. No salt systems will remove chlorine and improve the taste and odor built in. It does not soften water. Read more!

Instant Hot Water Recirculation

Hot Water Reciculation System Hot Water Reciculation Valve American Home Water can install an instant hot water recirculation system in your home for $499.00 and reduce the waiting time for hot water to arrive at your faucets or shower. Do you wait for your shower's water to get hot? How about your kitchen sink? Or any faucet in your home? How long does it take for the hot water to arrive? The Wait For Hot Water Is Finally Over! You can save Up To 16,000 Gallons Of Water Per Year, Per Household (Based on average modern household usage) And Uses Less Energy Than A 25-Watt Light Bulb! A Breakthrough In Home Comfort! Solves The Problem For Your Long Wait For Hot Water Start Saving Money - By Reducing Your Water Bill Now The Wait For Hot Water Is Finally Over. Simply installing a Comfort Series Instant hot water system into your home adds true comfort to daily life by giving you instant hot water from any source in your home while saving money and conserving energy. Read more!

Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Reciculation System American Home Water can install a new water heater in your home normally the same day. We use Bradford White or A.O.Smith water heaters, some of the largest manufacturers of water heaters in the world. Give us a call and we will quote you a price right over the phone, and we will supply whatever parts are necessary to bring your water heater into new condition. Never an extra charge for goose necks or a shut off ball valve. Read more!

Big Blue Water Filtration >> Water Pressure Regulating Valves

Big Blue Water Filtration Water Pressure Regulating Valves A Big Blue filter is a whole house filtration system that removes chlorine, bad taste and odor from water and has an easy to change filter cartridge. This filter requires no backwashing or electricity. Water Pressure Regulating Valves are needed where water pressure is more than 80 psi. They hold the pressure below a preset (adjustable) level and make it less likely that high water pressure will blow hoses on your washing machine, toilet fill valves, or other weak spots in the plumbing system. They are cheap insurance against expensive water damage.

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