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Arizona Water Softener

The planet earth has almost two thirds of its surface covered with water. Not all this water is suitable for drinking, however, and some of the water that is suitable is not all that good for drinking. But aside from humanity's need to drink water and stay hydrated, hard water can also have detrimental effects of industry. In arid places like Arizona, water softeners are not just a luxury that most people would like but may even become a necessity. The negative effects that hard water can have on both domestic and industrial plumbing cannot be ignored but care should also be taken in the use and implementation of water softeners, as they are sometimes harmful to the environment.

To reduce the effects of hard water in arid states like Arizona, water softeners are used. They are often used in places where the water is obtained from a well or where the water in the area has a highs concentration of metallic ions. Aside from the horrid taste, the high concentration of calcium and magnesium irons in hard water has three detrimental effects that are often the reason why they seek a water softener:

" The metallic ions react with soap and detergents - especially ones that are sensitive to calcium - hindering their ability to later and clean properly as well as leaving unsightly precipitation marks.

" The calcium and magnesium carbonates tend to stick to the surfaces of pipes. This scale can restrict the flow of water through the pipes.

" The presence of metallic ions can also, under certain conditions, lead to galvanic corrosion where one type of metal starts to corrode another.

Water softeners reduce the amounts of ions found the in water and, therefore, reduce the effect mentioned above. However, in some cases, the water softener can aggravate the last mentioned effect so it is best to consult with an expert before considering the use of a water softener in just any area.

Water softeners work by passing the hard water over beds of resin to eliminate the metallic ions in the water. The resin is negatively charged and the metallic ions of calcium and magnesium are positively charged meaning that the resin attracts the ions towards it. Already bound to the resin are univalent sodium and potassium ions that are released from the resin to make room for the divalent ions of calcium and magnesium. The metallic ions are then bound to the resin and the resin releases sodium and potassium into the water making it softer. The 'harder' the water, the more sodium and potassium ions are released from the resin into the water to make it softer. In some arid places where the water can be very 'hard' like Arizona, water softeners often increase the sodium concentration of the water to levels that may be hazardous to some people. Still, when a person lives in a place where hard water is a problem, like Arizona, water softeners are the only real solution at the time.

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