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Arizona Ro System

While there is a lot of water on the planet not all of it is suitable for human consumption. Especially in arid places like Arizona where the water can contain a large amount of solutes - or substances dissolved in water - the water needs to be purified first. When dealing with metallic ions, water softeners are often sufficient to keep the water clear. In some cases, however, a process known as reverse osmosis (RO) is required to clean the water. RO is often used to purify seawater for use but can be applied in many other instances. An Arizona RO system, for example, could remove the dissolved minerals from the arid desert from the water to make it drinkable or even purify dirt water for reuse.

In Arizona, an RO system can be a boon since it works on mostly natural process. Reverse osmosis is a process that separates water - a solvent - from the impurities in it - the solutes - to purify it by using pressure to force it through a membrane. The solute remains on the one side and the purified solvent passes through the membrane to the other side. The process forces a solvent from an area where the concentration of solutes is high, through a membrane, to an area where the solute concentration is low. For those who have had biology this is the opposite of natural osmosis where the solvent moves from a low solute concentration to a high solute concentration. The main difference is that pressure is applied on the solvent with a high solute concentration to force it through the membrane. The membrane used in only semi-permeable meaning that while the solvent - water - can pass through it, the solutes - various mineral - can not pass through it. In places where the water has a high concentration of minerals due to a dry environment like Arizona, RO systems allow all water available to be purified for use.

In a state like Arizona, RO systems are often used for domestic water usage. The system is usually implemented at a water treatment plant before it makes it way to the homes of the users. Some people can install their own RO systems in their home to further purify the water should the wish to. The steps involved in the RO process are technical and far beyond the scope of this article but there are various different processes that are tailored to the specific need. Research has shown, however, that drinking water that is too pure is detrimental to your health as the minerals leave the human cells to create equilibrium with the water that was just consumed. Normal osmosis at work!

Whether it is used to purify seawater in Hawaii or to purify ground water in Arizona, RO systems are very effective ways of cleaning up water. One of the greatest advantages is that, aside from a little outside encouragement, the process is natural and holds almost no disadvantages.

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